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Our luxury crystal candles are hand poured using the best quality soy cocnut wax.


In a gorgeous pink jar with gold rim, the candle will be topped with your choice of crystal, some hand poured & colour dusted wax crystals & an arragement of flowers & glitter.


Crystal information: 

Amethyst - The natural tranquiliser. 

This gorgeous crystal helps to relieve stress & strain, sooth irritability, balance mood swings. It can also dispel anger, fear, anxiety, alleviate sadness & dissolve negativity. 


Green aventurine - The stone of strength. 

This stone provides strength, confidence, courage & happiness. It can renew your optimism for life & push you to take the action to acquire what you want in this world.


Green onyx - The stone of purity.

This stone has the power to relieve you of worries, fears, tension & stress. It's soothing colour will give you strong & positive energies & it will aid you in making wise decisions during difficult times. 


Lolite - The stone of guidance.

This stone aids in providing you with direction & guidance, both physically &  spiritually)

It promotes feelings of peace & tranquality, whilst also being able to install hope during times of difficulty. 


Pink onyx - The stone of healing.

This exotic pink stone is believed to increase strengthen the kidneys, heart, eyes & nerves.

IT promotes healthy relationsships & acts as a ward against various ailments & pain. 

It is also known to hep with childbirth. 


Rainbow moonstone - 

This beautiful stone can bring balance, harmony & hope, whilst also enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance & inner confidence. 

It will also encourage you to take new opportunities & be open to new beginnings. 


Rose quartz - The stone of unconditional love.

This humble pink crystal has gentle, soothing energies. It will help you absorb love & promote calmness. 


Sodalite - The stone of insight.

This stone is the key to unlocking your intuition. It will allow you  to move past any mental hurdles you may struggle with daily &  help you better understand & evaluate yourself. 


Tigers eye - The stone of protection.

Not only can  this stone protect your energy, it can also bring you luck & has the power to focus your mind, promoting mental clarity assisting you to resolve problems objectively. 

Luxury pink jar Crystal candle


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