Our luxury crystal candles are hand poured using the best quality soy cocnut wax.

You can chose between a light pink jar with a gold rim, or the matte black jar, plus any fragrance from our wide range in stock.


The candle will be topped with a Opal crystal, some hand poured & colour dusted wax crystals & an arragement of flowers & glitter.


Opal - The queen of the gems.

This stone has a wide range of benefits, but is best known for bringing good fortune & prosperity. It is believed to aid in clearing debt, overcome emotional setbacks, provide martial bliss or help to find a suitable match.

It can also help to ease nightmares , bring you a peaceful nights sleep., gaining self confidence,  bring joy & wealth,  grant an excellent immune system & enhance creativity.  

Luxury Opal candle - ONLY 1 AVAILABLE